Envisioning and Developing a New College
ICGE worked directly with the First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA) Board and Leadership team to envision, develop and implement the FNHDA College of Indigenous Health Leadership.

The seeds of the new College--first planted during a project to develop a professional education curriculum--later grew into a delivery system for professional development and certification.

Envisioning and developing a College from scratch is a significant undertaking. It requires leadership, a clear vision, and the fortitude to see the project through from concept to concrete reality--all of which was amply demonstrated by the FNHDA Board and Leadership.

ICGE's work encompassed all of the following:
• informing decisions and directions developed from a best practices approach;
• consistently putting the needs of students first, in terms of both content and delivery;
• accessing existing education providers, potential partnerships and competitors through market analysis;
• developing realistic financial plans and funding opportunities
• creating a compatible and compliant Private Training Institutes Board (PTIB ) and FNHDA governance structure; and
• Assessing and securing IT systems and services for Student Information Systems management and a Learning Management System (Moodle).

This groundbreaking College is now actively involved in preparing British Columbia health professionals to lead the way in providing health services that serve Indigenous peoples, and reflect Indigenous knowledge and ways of being.