Development of a Health Director’s Certificate
In 2017, dissatisfied at the lack of traction of discussions with several post-secondary institutions, the First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA) decided to develop their own Health Director's Certificate. While their expertise in health care management was well-established, the Board had little experience in health care management education. Consequently, ICGE worked with the FNHDA to build programs and curriculum to develop capable, professional Health Directors, ready to serve in-community needs.

FNHDA knew what they wanted—a Health Director's Certificate—but were unsure how to create the apparatus for delivering an education program. Working with ICGE, the Board went through a series of foundational exercises to clarify expectations and carve out a strategy to achieve those expectations.

Success Indicators:
• A clearly articulated Vision, Mission and Values.
• A strategic Plan for development and roll-out.
• Work compliant with Ministry of Advanced Education criteria.
• Programs and courses designed for delivery both face-to-face and online, and both synchronous and asynchronous.
• The most recent project: development and delivery oversight of the Communicable Disease Emergency Response (CDER) planning course through a partnership between FNHDA and First Nations Health Authority (FNHA).