Development and Delivery of Digital Credit
TRU’s Program Delivery Division consisted of approximately of 160 online tutors in multiple disciplines and 12-15 support staff, all operating within three complex collective agreements. Faculty, located throughout British Columbia, were compensated on a unique system of assignments submitted by roughly 7000 students. At the time, this cadre of loyal, mostly part-time employees lacked a vision, mission, and a collegial working environment. An engaging and inclusive planning process, ongoing relationship building and systematic (and empathetic) addressing of grievances turned this around.

Success Indicators:
• Created a divisional strategic plan, vision, and mission to anchor operational and strategic decisions for programs and courses.
• Created the foundation, protocols, and systems for proctored online exams.
• Designed and managed faculty development initiatives, (webinars, video newsletters conferences, online meetings) to ensure students would be engaged and retained.
• Built a service-oriented culture with a timely focus on the student “customer”. Identified and created uniform and expected standards.
• Grew divisional revenues by approximately 30%.
• Enrolments doubled to over 14,000 students and the division was one of the largest and most successful at meeting or exceeding critical recruitment, retention and student satisfaction targets.
• Built a divisional culture based on trust, acknowledgement and empowerment.