specializes in performance transformation and capacity building for higher education institutions, Indigenous, health and professional organizations.

About Us

ICGE works with diverse organizations to identify opportunities, solve problems and find new and better ways of accomplishing goals. Our consultants are experienced university and college researchers and administrators with both the academic grounding and hands-on experience to help leaders develop cutting-edge strategies, solve complex problems and transform performance.

Our Mission

ICGE combines our clients’ knowledge, experience and environment with our insights and expertise to enact transformative change in human and fiscal performance, administrative efficiency and internal capacity—for colleges and universities, Indigenous and professional organizations.

Our Approach

We listen until you know that we understand, and only then do we take action, with continuous circle-backs to keep you informed and able to make modifications as needed until the work is completed to our standards and your satisfaction.

ICGE's Commitments

Innovation: integrating new methods and creative thinking in client-customized solutions.
Consultative approach: professional advice driven by expert insight and stakeholder input, delivered with respect.
Gainful R.O.I.: serving to increase client wealth or resources by maximizing Return On Investment.
Empathy: understanding, sharing and responding meaningfully to clients' realities and challenges.