Our Services

The busiest leaders often carry the heaviest workloads—and when time and resources are limited, lightening the load can be challenging.  ICGE can help.  Senior personnel can trust our experience and expertise to reduce their “To Do” list without revising priorities.  Our Overload Management services include:


  1. Preparing Applications: for accreditation, funding or grants
  2. Drafting Plans: operational, strategic, or special purpose
  3. Writing and Editing: for reports, briefing notes, memoranda, plans, audits, reviews, scripts, policies, web content, media releases etc.
  4. Research: literature reviews, surveys, interviews, focus groups, environmental scans, comparator profiling and gap analysis, quantitative data analysis, reporting
  5. Group facilitation: small or large group, in-person or online
  6. Budget development and evaluations

Overload Management

Effective engagements create spaces where participants feel safe sharing their thoughts openly, confident they will be treated with respect and humility.  ICGE aims to establish this in the first 30 – 60 seconds of a facilitated stakeholder engagement.  We will organize and guide small group interactions, design activities that foster productive collaboration within and between teams, and capture output in multiple formats (such as audio recordings, written notes and visual graphics) to validate individual input and enable collective insights.  While we may incorporate techniques from sources such as Liberating Structures® or practices like design thinking, ICGE tends to rely mainly on proprietary engagement approaches developed through years of experience and informed by current research.  Additionally, while a large-scale engagement may fulfill most requirements, supplementary engagements with smaller, select-audience groups (typically on a remote basis) may be needed to “bridge gaps” and enhance clarity.  Our Community Engagement services include:


  1. Pre-engagement stakeholder communications
  2. Materials development
  3. Facilitation
  4. Post-engagement transcription and analysis (theming, coding, analysis)
  5. Summary Report

Community Engagement

ICGE consultants have managed small, highly confidential projects, and enterprise-wide undertakings affecting millions.  No matter the scale, ICGE project management is customized to client requirements, reflects professional best practices, and often integrates innovative methodologies that have been tested and proven in the field.  Our project managers are skilled at partnering with specialists from related disciplines (including Stakeholder Engagement, Communications & Change Management, IT, HR, Finance & Procurement, Infrastructure Planning & Design, and Environmental Assessment—to ensure all work proceeds in an integrated fashion, and all parties are aware of critical dependencies and any changes to budget, schedules, or personnel.  We are proud of our track record of bringing projects in on time, on budget, and to standards that consistently meet or exceed baseline metrics.  Our Project Management services span all of the following:


  1. Project Initiation and Strategy
  2. Project Planning
  3. Project Execution, Testing and Training
  4. Project Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Project Closing and Post-Analysis

Project Management

Leadership and organizational advancement based on chasing the latest and greatest does not work.  We work with our clients to develop strategies that reflect best practices, the best information we can source, and the best potential for strong outcomes. Our Strategic Planning services include:


  1. Development of organizational pillars (Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals)
  2. Marketing: market feasibility studies, competitive analysis, audience segmentation, persona design, plan drafting and campaign development
  3. Communications: planning and implementation which can extend to audits, key messaging, media relations, outcome measurement, and social media
  4. Customized Workshops: Scenario Planning, Unique Value Propositions, Systems Thinking
  5. Branding & Positioning
  6. Stakeholder Analysis, Engagement and Development

Strategic Planning

Colonialism, racism, and systemic wrongs have severely impacted generations of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples all across what we now call Canada.  ICGE team members have partnered with Indigenous communities and organizations for decades to deeply understand their priorities and develop culturally safe, sustainable services.  “Not about us without us” is the guiding principle that grounds our commitment to Indigenous capacity-building, enabling individuals, families, and communities to thrive—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, economically and culturally.  We embark on partnerships with Indigenous communities with great care and forethought, always under the guidance of ICGE Indigenous team members, community elders, and respected Indigenous knowledge keepers.  Too much is at stake for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to be held back due to a lack of access to skills, knowledge, and other resources.  ICGE never loses sight of this.  Our Indigenous capacity-building services include:


  1. Capacity Assessment
  2. Capacity Gap Analysis and Gap-Bridge Strategy
  3. Program Development
  4. Sustainability: Capacity Management and Ongoing Maintenance

Indigenous Capacity Building

Drawing on our 100+ years of collective post-secondary experience, ICGE can assess the feasibility of existing or proposed post-secondary programs or operational units and identify areas of challenge or opportunity.  We can evaluate whether a program meets immediate financial and market demands, and long-term technical, environmental, and capacity goals. Our Post-Secondary services include:


  1. Quality Assessment and Accreditation Planning
  2. Maximizing Student and Labour Market Demand
  3. Research and Data Analysis related to resourcing, reputation, recruitment or revenue
  4. Program Communications and Marketing
  5. Capacity Building for Boards and Administrators related to Governance, Policy, Financial Management, and Advocacy
  6. Institutional Branding & Positioning

Post-Secondary Planning and Initiatives